How I got an internship through my EY Brand Ambassador role

Hizzer Ramzan was a Brand Ambassador for EY in 2017/18. He promoted EY to other students at his University, so that they were aware of the job opportunities and career paths that EY offered. Here, he details how and why applying to be a Brand Ambassador helped him in his future career.

Finding a job at university is harder than you think. There aren’t many retail jobs in some student cities, or the jobs that do exist might require a level of commitment that your teaching hours can’t give you.

That was the issue I faced when I went on a job hunt in my first year at the University of York. I didn’t give up, but always made sure that the job I ended up with would satisfy two conditions:

  1. Fit in around my lecture timetable

  2. Help me when applying to internships and graduate jobs

When I saw an advert for a Brand Ambassador role for professional services firm EY, I knew it was an opportunity I could not let pass.

I became the EY Brand Ambassador 2017 /18 at the University of York. It was a really fun role which allowed me to understand the student recruitment and financial world. My typical responsibilities were:

  1. Liaising with departments, societies and students in order to use their vast networks to market EY

  2. Helping at graduate fairs on the stand to talk to students about all the opportunities available at EY

  3. Taking ownership of marketing the flagship EY: World of Work event

  4. Completing a research project

The role was really good in helping me gain and nurture many transferable skills, mainly:

  1. Communication

  2. Social media marketing

  3. Commercial awareness

  4. Time management

The highlight of the role for me was the World of Work event. Seeing 100+ students who I’d previously spoken to turn up to learn more about their future career opportunities is a rewarding feeling. The EY team were really nice too, and I was able to join them for dinner at Akbars afterward – many large naans were consumed!

The Brand Ambassador programme that On-Campus Promotions has is about a lot more than just gaining a few new skills – if you use all the opportunities available to you, you will be able to do a lot more: 

  1. I now have a vast network of EY employees across the country

  2. I was able to talk about the role in cover letters and interviews

  3. It boosted my confidence levels, allowing me to be an efficacious communicator with both internal and external stakeholders

Best of all… I have just finished a four-week internship at EY, which the Brand Ambassador role was imperative in helping me gain! I have been interning in the Corporate Finance Strategy team in Canary Wharf, London. The experience has been challenging, fun, educational and overall a really genuine and honest insight into working for EY. I now have another great addition to my CV. 

My key tips for those wanting to intern for the company you are a Brand Ambassador for are: 

  1. Get to know everyone – build strong relationships with student recruitment offices, the team at On-Campus Promotions and your company’s employees (in particular those who work in the service lines / office you aspire to work in)

  2. Use the opportunity and start building your personal brand – EY let us have our own Twitter accounts, which helped me build my brand within the firm. I was able to reach out to people before the internship and arrange coffee meet-ups.

Applying to be a BA was one of the best decisions I made at university. Not only did it teach me how to communicate and build valued professional relationships but it also helped me land an internship at a massive global firm, helping to secure my future career.

On-Campus Promotions are still recruiting for 2018/19 EY Brand Ambassadors. Email if you’re interested or click here to apply