The Ultimate Guide to Deciphering your Schedule

We have created a simple, easy to read guide to deciphering your Brand Ambassador schedule.

brand ambassador schedule

For Long Term Brand Ambassadors, your schedules are your go to throughout your campaign. This guide highlights everything you need to know including what each tab means and what information you can find there.

Your Overall Targets

On here, not only can you see how well you’ve been performing but also how your fellow Brand Ambassadors are doing too!

Check on this tab regularly as we’ll be running competitions and giving bonuses throughout the campaign which are based around your targets.


As you will see, your two schedules are dictated by when you choose to complete an activity. One thing to look out for is if there are any highlighted dates. Keep those days and times free as it is likely you will be needed to attend an event or promote any upcoming deadlines. 

Main Schedule

Your main schedule is an outline of all of the activities for your campaign, make sure you keep checking it as sometimes we add a few extra tasks in there to help you reach your targets and objectives.

Monthly Schedule

Your monthly schedule goes into a little bit more detail so we recommend taking the time out to read this at the beginning of each month.

This schedule outlines what you need to do, how you can do it and how long it will take. You’ll find hints and tips in here on how to reach your targets and how to secure bonuses.

different schedules

Important Dates

This tab includes all the key dates to help you on your campaign.

From term times, to deadlines and event dates – save them in your phone calendars and set reminders to ensure that you’re using every opportunity to promote your employer brand as successfully as you can.

What’s more, once you have your exam dates or holidays, you can book them in so your Account Manager can help you with managing your time and schedule. 


All the feedback you submit will be pulled into this tab. So, if you think you’re a few hours down and don’t know why, you can check the tab to see if you’ve missed any feedback submissions.

The feedback tab is also a great way to gain some insights from your teammates. If you’ve seen someone has smashed their target, have a look at their feedback to see what they’ve done that you could be doing.


Breakdown of Targets per Objective

You can find your individual tracking links on all of these tabs and can track how you’re getting on weekly.

Use these tabs if you want to find out what activities have been successful. For example, if you see that you’ve smashed your sign-ups in one particular week, you can look back at your feedback to see what you did and do it again!


As mentioned, the schedules doc is the fountain of all knowledge… and this tab really has it all.

You can find everything in here, from training day slides and briefing documents, to folders full of content and images.

So, in a (not so brief) nutshell…

…that is your schedule. It ensures your campaign is a success and gives you all the insights and suggestions that you need to absolutely smash your time as a Brand Ambassador.

With that, we’ll leave you with one bit of information, when in doubt… check your schedule.