Case Studies 


We’ve been promoting employers and their graduate job opportunities on campus since 2011. Whether it’s Brand Ambassadors, events on campus, digital solutions or a campaign that utilises all of our offering, our clients have had exceptional results. Why don’t you take a read of our case studies?

brand ambassador case studies

Brand Ambassadors

The Objective

We worked with a global law firm to promote their brand on campus and drive applications from quality candidates, with a view to hiring the best Brand Ambassadors onto their insights programme and vacation scheme.


A team of 23 Brand Ambassadors at the Law Firm’s target universities worked on:

  • Capturing the data of prospective candidates

  • Encouraging high calibre students to attend events such as skills events, employer presentations and commercial awareness workshops


In 2017, Brand Ambassadors were their best source of hires, delivering the following results:

  • Ambassadors sourced 30 hires through meeting students directly through their networks

  • 13 of the 23 Brand Ambassadors were hired directly by the Law Firm

  • 63 hires came directly from events the Brand Ambassadors were promoting

campus events case studies

Campus Events

The Objective

An investment banking client wanted to ‘attract the un-attracted’ in student talent.


The campaign comprised of a fresh smoothie bar, an interactive video wall and games on a touch table. This was all housed in a 10 metre branded inflatable dome.

This allowed students to fully immerse themselves in our client’s company culture, their employees and the career opportunities available. Each event was placed in an area of high footfall to ensure we received the maximum number of ‘un-attracted’ students.

All students were greeted by Brand Ambassadors and the client’s business representatives, who showed them around the event and spoke to them about career opportunities.

2017/18 Results

  • 210,000 brand views across 7 universities

  • 2,139 students’ data was captured

  • 61% of this data were students studying non-traditional subjects

  • 99% of students rated the event as ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’

What Happened Next

Due to its success, the investment banking client and On-Campus Promotions ran a bigger event in 2018, focusing the attention on enhancing the networking and education elements to ensure students had an immersive experience.

2018/19 Results

  • Over 500,000 brand interactions across 10 universities

  • 4,442 students’ data was captured (up 45% YOY), with 8,490 giveaways

digital campaigns case studies

Digital Campaigns

The Objective

An energy client’s ambition was to enter the Times Top 100. In the process, they wanted to engage final years at a list of target universities.


We created a fully branded microsite hosting a competition that students had to answer weekly brain teasers to be in with a chance to win a prize. The competition was designed to be quick and easy to enter as well as very shareable, ideal for a student audience used to instant gratification.

The campaign was live at the 30 high fliers universities and was promoted by 45 fully briefed On-Campus Promotions Brand Ambassadors. Each Brand Ambassador had 18 hours to promote the competition; this covered pre-promotion, promotion during the competition and generic post-promotion.

The campaign also utilised other digital solutions, including targeted emails through


  • Our client climbed up 23 places in the Times Top 100

  • 5,792 entries to the competition

  • Brand Ambassadors delivered 6,326 clicks to the competition

  • Microsite received 15,222 visitors during the course of the campaign

education client case study

The Objective

We worked with an education client to promote their brand on campus and drive applications to their graduate schemes.


We recruited a huge number of Brand Ambassadors, both long-term and short-term, to work across 134 different universities across the UK.

This 8 month campaign focused on capturing interested students’ data to enable the client to continue the communication about their opportunities.


  • Brand Ambassadors were hired, managed and worked at a total of 134 universities across the UK

  • 15,782 student’s data was captured (5% above target)

  • The campaign had a total of 1,499,745 brand interactions

What Happened Next

Due to its success, the education client has confirmed the Brand Ambassador campaign with us once more for the 2018/19 campaign year.

interactive campus event case study

The Objective

A professional services client wanted to raise awareness of their evening networking events on campus, as well as educating students on their undergraduate and graduate opportunities.


The campaign consisted of a 4D sensory experience booth held at events at 13 universities to promote the client and their objectives.

The booth’s 4D experience featured lights, sound, visuals, movement and virtual reality elements. Branded displays and collateral complemented the booth, and were placed in high-footfall areas on campus. Dedicated Brand Ambassadors helped to promote the booth and evening networking events.


  • Over 179,000 brand interactions across 13 universities

  • 4,044 students pre-registered for evening networking events

  • Average booth sessions per event was 42 (5% above target)

high fliers case study

The Objective

A FMCG client wanted to climb the rankings in the Times Top 100, but also share their brand values on sustainable living and creating a better world.


The campaign utilised Brand Ambassadors and an extensive digital campaign to promote a competition, where students could win a monetary prize (or submit the funds to charity) through submission of an idea that could ‘change and better the world’.

A microsite was created to host the competition, which was promoted via an extensive social media and email campaign. Brand Ambassadors were also hired to promote the client’s competition at 18 high fliers universities.


  • Over 185 competition entries, 82% from high flier universities

  • Almost 1.7 million reach across all channels (20% higher than expected)

  • 95% of entries opted-in to receive further careers communications from the client