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Massive well done to Tamzin who has absolutely smashed her targets on the Linklaters campaign so far. She has exceeded each of her targets by at least 150% and has been sharing her wisdom with the Linklaters Brand Ambassador team so that everyone can succeed and make the campaign a success! Here’s a little bit more about Tamzin and her campaign:

1) What do you enjoy most about being a brand ambassador?

The thing I enjoy most is getting to work with the other Linklaters Brand Ambassadors. Everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other and it was lovely to get a chance to meet everyone at the training day. We help each other out with not only tips on our campaigns but also tips on our own vacation scheme applications that we have all been working so hard on.

2) What is your greatest success as a Brand Ambassador so far?

My greatest success is achieving the most clicks for the application page as I felt like I was struggling a bit to begin with but with hard work and determination I managed to smash my targets. Through this I have encouraged applicants who were slightly tentative or nervous about applying to give it a shot and I have found this really rewarding.
(And not forgetting the great success of getting my hands on one of Linklaters water bottle)

3) If you could go for a drink with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

I would go for a drink with Danny Jones from McFly. McFly have always been my favourite band and I have seen them in concert numerous times. Their music always gets me through my heaps of work. Mainly I would like to ask him whether the recently surfacing rumours about McFly getting back together are true.

Brand Ambassador
of the month

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HUGE well done to Sigrid on all her hard work so far on the EY campaign. She has absolutely smashed all of her targets and being at a new university for EY and On-Campus Promotions, she’s had to pave the way for future Brand Ambassadors on campus. Find out a little more about Sigrid and her campaign:


What I enjoy most about being a Brand Ambassador is the variety of people that I meet and get to work with. For me, that has meant forming new relationships with students but also working closely with the EY Glasgow office who have been more than welcoming. Last but not least I had a great day meeting the whole UK team of EY Brand Ambassadors at our training event in Manchester– lovely people!


There are quite a few good moments to pick from. One was definitely when Glasgow Caledonian University reached almost 400 clicks to the application page. Another successful day was spent at the Scottish Graduate Fair working closely with the EY team and getting a lot of interested candidates signed up for our data capture!


I would go for a drink with The Beatles right after having enjoyed one of their concerts. I grew up listening to their LP’s, my mum has one of the first ever released, and their music was always playing in my childhood home. I respect them for their passion and changing music even though none of them were professionals, they simply just loved what they were doing.  

Brand Ambassador
of the month

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Big congrats to Ana Choi who has absolutely smashed the first month of her campaign! Having exceeded her event sign up target by 300% and having the biggest turnout for a Brand Ambassador led event in On-Campus Promotions history, it's not hard to see why Ana was picked as the winner. Find out a little more about Ana and her campaign:

1.What do you enjoy the most about being a Brand Ambassador?

The interaction with students is what I truly enjoy the most. You get that incredibly rewarding feeling when you answer the questions and clear any confusions raised by students interested in the company. When you reach out to them, they will reach back out to you, and then you feel you are truly being of help to them.

2. What is your greatest success as Brand Ambassador so far?

My greatest success so far as Brand Ambassador is the event I ran for GSK which I got a great turnout of over 200 attendees! During my event promotion, I believe genuine enthusiasm and strong emphasis on “what’s in it for you” played a crucial role in delivering a captivating message that got students interested.


3. If you could go for a drink with anybody in the world, who would it be and why?

I would invite Malala Yousafzai to go for a drink with me. Being a strong believer that it is a global priority and our duty to fight for women’s rights and children’s rights, particularly to education, it would be a dream come true for me to have a chat with the Nobel Peace Prize recipient that she is and get inspired by her activism in this cause.

Running a Brand Ambassador led event? Keep an eye out for Ana’s hints and tips on how to plan, promote and run a successful event! We’ll be posting it out very soon.