Network Rail

All aboard!

Network Rail came to On-Campus Promotions to help the company meet a number of objectives. Network Rail aimed to reclaim a position in the Times Top 100, promote the launch of its overall rebrand and raise brand awareness, while also changing the perception that some students may have had of the company.

Network Rail wanted to increase the amount of engineering applications the company receives. But it was also important to promote and increase applications to roles in business areas other than engineering and educate non-engineering students on the potential career they could have at the organisation.

We trained ten Brand Ambassadors, at the ten target universities, in our strategy to achieve all of the above aims. The Brand Ambassadors promoted and attended Network Rail events, as well as promoting the brand and the events with plenty of social media activity, lecture shout outs and handing out flyers on campus. They were also tasked with contacting and building relationships with key contacts at their university.

The success of this campaign was easily tracked. Network Rail not only returned to the Times Top 100, but ranked in an impressive 76th place. Graduate applications also increased by 42% and placement applications by 54%, filling all roles on offer.

These results, supported by the general outstanding feedback on this campaign, didn’t just leave On-Campus Promotions with a happy partner, but showed the value Brand Ambassadors can add to any company’s on-campus activity.

  • Lecture shout outs a huge success

  • 76th in the Times Top 100

  • Graduate applications up by 42%

  • Placement applications up by 54%