Big team effort.

Aldi decided to set On-Campus Promotions a number of objectives for its 2014-15 campaign. To achieve these objectives, a large team of Brand Ambassadors was hired; 33 Ambassadors across 24 universities.

The aims of this campaign were firstly to promote and improve on the quality of the applications to Aldi’s well-known graduate programme. Building and strengthening university contacts was also important, as well as promoting at Aldi’s on-campus events and promoting Aldi’s industrial placements. We also asked our Brand Ambassadors to help drive traffic to the website and increase interest in the company by organising presentations to societies, sports teams and specific departments.

This large campaign showed a great return on investment for Aldi, and the statistics speak for themselves…more than 2,500 students were directed to Aldi’s newly-designed website. There were 94 new campus contacts made by our Brand Ambassadors. They also delivered 47 society or departmental presentations during the campaign, reaching more than 1,800 students. And, as a final flourish, our Brand Ambassador at Robert Gordon University was invited to write an article for her local newspaper on her experience as an Aldi Brand Manager.

While our Brand Ambassadors were busy with all of this, we also gave them the added task of promoting the Aldi Perception Survey, hosted on our sister product, RMP Connect. This survey gave Aldi a highly valuable insight into the perception and understanding of the company among students. The Brand Ambassadors collected a large amount of data for Aldi, with an impressive 1,008 surveys submitted.

A successful and popular campaign was enjoyed by all and On-Campus Promotions looks forward to seeing what’s next for Aldi’s on-campus activity!

  • 33 Brand Ambassadors

  • 24 universities

  • 47 presentations

  • Engaged more than 1,800 students