Accenture Jelly Bean Bar

Cool beans!

The Accenture ‘Get in the Mix’ campaign promoted individuality and skill. The campaign saw a Jelly Bean Bar visiting each campus encouraging students to visit the bar to take part in a challenge and receive various giveaways.

Once at the bar each visitor took part in a speed reading challenge, and for every question correctly answered jelly beans were released from the Accenture gumball machines into a reusable thermal cup.

The varied jelly bean flavours reflected the skills that Accenture look for in their team. The Tech-savvy Strawberries and the Analytical Apples accompanied the Creative Cranberries and the Lively Lemons.

As well as taking part in the challenge students were encouraged to Tweet a photo of themselves at the Jelly Bean Bar, using the hashtag #GetInTheMix, to be entered into a draw to win a Sony smart watch.

On top of all of this excitement students also spent time around the bar chatting to Accenture business representatives to find out more about the company’s from those who are already part of the team.

  • 3,320 cups of jelly beans distributed

  • 15 universities