Accenture Cereal Café 2015

Fuelling students across the nation.

Accenture was looking for an exciting way to increase brand awareness and promote its graduate opportunities across many locations. Taking inspiration from the recently opened and well publicised Cereal Café in East London, the Accenture pop-up Cereal Café was born.

Our On-Campus Promotions team recruited 56 Brand Representatives at 25 campuses around the UK. After each Brand Representative had carried out plenty of pre-event promotion to let students know the travelling Cereal Café was coming, it was event day. Along with one of our experienced Event Managers, the Brand Representatives ran the Cereal Café’s Cart. This helped us distribute Cereal Packs to approximately 15,300 students and engage countless more.

The Accenture Cereal Café proved to be a bigger success than we ever could have guessed. The reaction from students on all campuses was astounding and got people very excited to have Accenture present at their university. The exposure and feedback received from the Accenture Cereal Café was extremely valuable and a wonderful campaign that was enjoyed by all involved.

  • 56 Brand Representatives

  • 25 universities

  • 15,300 free breakfasts distributed