AB InBev Beer Hero 2015


AB InBev is part of one of the world’s largest brewers, producing some of the world’s largest brands. Due to the nature of the business, students can be more familiar with the individual brands rather than AB InBev as a company, so it was for this reason that a brand awareness campaign was beneficial. This aim was coupled with the promotion of the Beer Hero 2015 Competition, which particularly targeted STEM and marketing students.

The Beer Hero 2015 Competition asked students to answer one of three problems, from engineering and marketing business areas, in 500 words. After doing this they were in with a chance of winning an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City. Those entries shortlisted were worked on with a member of the AB InBev team. Five lucky students were then chosen to fly to New York City, where one even luckier winner was announced and handed an interview with AB InBev.

Promotion of the competition gave our Brand Representatives across ten universities a fun task, involving dressing in entertaining costumes and handing out marketing materials and merchandise to fellow students. The Brand Representatives appeared in busy campus areas and popped up in lectures dressed as either a beer bottle or the Statue of Liberty, to promote the competition and the brand.

Each Brand Representative supported the On-Campus activity by partaking in a large amount of online promotion, giving students campaign information via social media. The interaction of Brand Representatives in costumes with students proved highly successful and the awareness raised gave AB InBev a wider, valuable audience.

  • Five students won trips to NYC

  • AB InBev dressed to impress

  • Creative giveaways