For Students

Want a job that’s part-time, paid and provides you with practical experience? On-Campus Promotions have the perfect opportunity just for you.

“I would definitely recommend this opportunity to a friend as you can get great experiences from it and make connections as well as friends. Also, it’s a brilliant way to socialize whilst getting paid to work. Additionally, it is an amazing way to meet important people and take your first steps on the career path.”

Brand Manager for On-Campus Promotions working for J.P Morgan

Our brand manager roles allow you to get involved with creative marketing campaigns from some of the UK’s leading employers. From networking across your campus, getting involved with exciting and innovative campus installations and our very own brand manager awards, you will be able to build on your CV, enhance your employability and actually have fun whilst you do it.

We are looking for confident, self-motivated students who can balance university life with part-time work.

If you…

  • Have strong communication skills
  • Know your campus well
  • Belong to a student society network
  • Are enthusiastic and charismatic

…then we want you.