OCP Society Network

The OCP Society Network is a new hub for society employability resources, where you can build long-term relationships and connect with some of the UK’s top employers. The hub will include opportunities to organise events and network with employers, as well as like minded societies.

In addition, with OCPSN, your society will be the first to know about national society competitions that are sponsored by our top employers, with the chance to win cash / sponsorship prizes. You’ll also learn about job opportunities to work on campus as a Brand Manager for the likes of Deloitte, American Express and GlaxoSmithKline, to name a few.

What’s in it for you?

OCPSN will give you the opportunity to become part of an online network of societies. Developing contacts and establishing better communications will help you set up and host recruitment events, guest speakers and presentations.

We’ll also be sending you resources around mock assessment centres, CV checks and presentations, to help you improve your societies job prospects & letting you know when employers are on-campus to help out.

HP Brand Manager OCPSN

Having a channel where BAE Systems can work with Societies to help their members learn about what we do and give tips on applications is huge benefit. We can utilise each other to grow and improve as student feedback and involvement is very important to us.
– Lisa, BAE Systems

Barratt know that the Society Network will help increase our student engagement and provide great opportunities to work alongside societies to advertise vacancies, promote our attendance at events and run competitions.
– Emily, Barratt Developments PLC

Being able to engage with our specialised target audience through a network of Societies across the UK is a useful communication tool.

Imogen, BARBRI International

Bae Systems

Barratt Developments PLC

barbri international