Brand Ambassadors

What better way to market to students than have them market your brand for you?

Brand Ambassadors are a fantastic way to promote your employer brand at universities across the UK.

Offering access to hidden networks and untapped groups of students, Brand Ambassadors act as micro-influencers to bridge the gap between you and their peers on campus.

88% students say Brand Ambassadors are the best way for employers to promote work experience opportunities and graduate roles

– RateMyPlacement Student Survey, 2017

brand ambassador campaign

What impact can our dedicated Brand Ambassadors have on campus?


  • Boost your presence on university-specific social platforms
  • Capture student data to build and nurture your early talent pipeline
  • Boost the quality of your event sign-ups and attendees
  • Educate students on your application process
  • Drive traffic to your careers and events pages, as well as your social platforms
  • Gain competitor insights and reports
brand ambassador lse
brand ambassador on campus

How do our Brand Ambassadors deliver the best results for you?


  • Hires are thoroughly trained to live and breathe your brand values
  • They are expertly managed to motivate and inspire their peers
  • We have structured feedback models and trackability tools to measure results
  • With frequent reporting, you’ll have a birds-eye view on how your campaign is performing

Depending on your objectives and budget, we offer two types of Brand Ambassador packages:

Long-Term Brand Ambassadors

Rigorously recruited and specifically hired for your campaign, long-term Brand Ambassadors:


  • Boost your year-round campus presence at target universities
  • Build a talent pipeline of students
  • Boost the quality of your event sign ups and attendees
  • Drive continuous traffic to your careers pages and social networks
  • Educate attracted students on your application process
  • Competitor insights and a report analysing your campaign

Short-Term Brand Ambassadors

If you’re looking for support on a specific campaign, our short-term Brand Ambassadors can:


  • Boost attendance at campus events
  • Boost attendance to specific digital events, such as webinars
  • Drive traffic to online channels, such as careers pages
  • Encourage students to enter a competition
  • Promote a ‘Register Your Interest’ form on a landing page